Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Avocado House is Now Open!

Allow this site is under construction, we aren't!
Come join us for breakfast 6am to 11am (till noon on Saturday)
or lunch 11am to 3pm
Open Tuesday through Saturday
Check back soon for menus and more details.
Thank you and we hope to serve you soon!


  1. My daughter and I visited your Restaurant yesterday for breakfast. We were swept away with how adorable and refreshing the ambience was. Then we had our breakfast served (great portions) and we smiled through our whole meal!
    The days were are living in are stressful, but coming to The Avocado House was like a little piece of nostalgia. Loved it! We will become regular customers!

  2. My wife and I just arrived home after having lunch at your restaurant, and to say that we were extremely happy with our experience would be a severe understatement. I already knew that the building looked amazing on the outside after driving past it the last couple of months. When we arrived inside, the interior was just as inviting. We were greeted right away by the wonderfully friendly staff and given our menus. After ordering, we sat down at a table, and our wait wasn't long at all. My wife had The Craving, and I must say that the name is spot on. The tri-tip and veggies were perfectly cooked and the combination of ingredients made for a sandwich that was bananas (and bananas is good). I had the Millionaire salad, and if you ask me should be called the Billionaire salad. The ingredients were extremely fresh, and they all complimented each other wonderfully. I asked for my salad dressing on the side, and I ended up using about one third of it...not because it wasn't good (it was terrific), but because the salad on its own was to die for. The dressing only enhanced the salad. The lemonade is also very, very good. After we were finished, we still had about half of our meal left to take home. We talked about our experience the entire 20 minute drive home. Thank you for a great experience. We will definitely be regular customers here and will tell all of our friend about The Avocado House.

  3. You guys Rock. Pancakes with Carmel dressing!

  4. One of my favorite places to eat ever!! Try The Craving!!! Delish!! Absolutely love this place... eat lunch there once a week!!